Sausage Dome
In 2016, Johnsonville employees became responsible for all the company’s advertising. So when Super Bowl 51 came around and Johnsonville wanted to get people to make sausage appetizers for their football parties, we took things to the next level and had real sausage workers star in the world’s most intense sausage reality show: The Sausage Dome.

With the help of an actual reality production company (creators of such hits as Swamp Hunters), we created a webseries in which real sausage fans from across America pitched their Super Bowl recipes to The Sausage Six: a panel of real-life Johnsonville employees who have never judged anything in their lives.

D&AD - Wood Pencil (Branded Content & Entertainment)


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

partner: Chris Colliton
group creative director: Scott Bell
art director: Max Friedman
copywriter: Dan Litzow